domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Check Out Dani Marquez on action!

Here's a video from Dani Marquez singing a song from her favorite band, Queen, she learned the song in an hour! now is time for you to see her singing and playing the guitar. We asked her some things, and here are some things she said.
I have my throat a little dry, and I'm trying to take care of it, but I just can't stop singing, is like an addiction... I don't know, but I just can't stop singing. I really hate that video, I don't know why I hate it, but well... is already uploaded on youtube, and I'm busy writing songs for the band, and lately I have lots of inspiration, so it's going well. Soon we'll be recording our album, and we're trying to work on it with Dani Rey, I'm working really hard trying to put the guitar rhythms and all that stuff with the guitar, and it's not easy. And I'm also thinking about the drums thing, 'cause we don't have a drummer, so I think that will probably be me, that work will fall on me, so it can be double work for me, but I don't care about it, I just care about the group, I want the group to be famous world wide... sometimes I ask myself, 'If Freddie Mercury was famous, well,why I can't be famous too?', and that's something that has been on my mind for a long time"
That's all we have for now, we'll have more later, and we surely know Dani will film another thing, and they are making some plans already for their album, which we don't have information about it right now.

jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

About Dani Marquez.

Hey guys, how's it going? So, we've been bussy 'cause the school finals and projects and so on so, it was a tough week, and so we hope on vacations we can make more music, and start with our project and hopefully finish it on Agoust, this week will also be bussy 'cause we have to go to school and some other things, but we will start it soon so everyone can spread the word! We have this dream and we want to reach it together and we'll need all your support! I'll try to catch me singing so I can post a video over here and uploaded to our youtube account, which at the moment it has nothing :) But well... for sure I'll have some time for it :D Well, I'll start to tell you somethings about me... I love to sing and play the guitar (as it isn't obvious) I love to act. I love to play Guitar Hero on my Wii, I like to spend all my time talking to my very good friend Dani R. (we spend good time together always!!! Its really fun!) and sometimes to my friend Maria Alejandra Villamizar which I appreciate alot :) and well I can be messenger addicted. Like...lets say... the 95% of my life is listening Queen or singing Queen songs! Love them lots (R.I.P Freddie)... well... since there is election time in the UK, and I love Brian May so I read all the things he puts on the Facebook page 'Save Me' and its very interesting what he does, he wants to save the forest animals and stop animal hunting!!! What else? my favorite movie? uuummm.... when I was little it was the Lion King, but now i don't really know there are so many cool movies in the bussines, the ones I love are 'Prince Of Percia', 'Milk', 'Juno', 'Bridge To Therabitia', and many more!!! My hobbies are; Playing golf, doing Criss Angel tricks! (People says he's my dad!), I love to watch learn and do the things Cesar Millan does, and sing Queen :D

Well people, I gotta go, any questions? Just ask us! Please become a fan and comment!

We like that all of you support us!


-Dani M.!

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Dani's Playlist

Here are all of Justin Bieber's songs! i hope you like them! He is my inspiration and my favorite musician! have fun listening to them! thanks Dani Rey! ----------------------------------- Hey people! Dani M. here, I was just fooling around the internet and found this cool virtual itouch, and well I leave you here with my itouch with few songs from my fave band...Queen! So I hope you like it, and enjoy it! Cheers! -Dani M.

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Who are we?

It all started just as 2 friends but then we noticed that we had the same dream. It just started as a small wish but then became somthing more, a dream that we can't live without, we still try to accomplish it. So we started making songs and putting them in youtube. (if you want to see them, then ask us what is our channel or conctact as at our email. it is: Please spread the word to all your friends and please follow us at @danismussic on twitter! and please follow us also in @Danny_OneVision and @Dani_Beieber14 also can you add us in facebook Danis Mussic. Thank you and PLEASE spread the word!